Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare Loan Project report ?

We prepare a bankable project report for commercial dairy farms of different size. Once you answer the questionnaire you can order for the same.

What are the basic requirements for dairy farm ?

a)   Love for animals.

b)   Basic training from authentic organization in Dairy Husbandry to understand the principles & techniques involved.

c)   Agricultural land for green fodder cultivation.

d)   Availability of plenty of normal water.

e)   Proximity to Urban consumption centre.

Dairy Farm Registration details ?

As such no license is required but for large farms it is better to get permission from local municipality (if applicable) and pollution control department.

Govt. schemes for dairy farm ?

You have to approach your bank with a valid bankable project report .Each bank has its own rate of interest chargeable on loan. However you have to contribute a margin money upto 25% and collateral security/guarantee against the loan. Subsidy from NABARD upto 25% of the project cost is available for a small dairy farm only.

How to know the Buffalos/Cows sellers in India ?

We will provide you information once you are registered with us.

How find Milk purchaser or market demand ?

Good quality milk is always in short supply everywhere in India. It is only a matter of commanding a good price for your quality product. We can conduct a survey of market as per your requirement.

Any training requires ?

Yes training will be helpful in making your project successful. We provide training on all aspects of Commercial Dairy Farming i.e. techniques of judging and selecting suitable Milch Breeds for the Dairy Farm, Cattle Feeding Management, Calf Rearing , Heifer Management, Breeding Management, Health Care Practices, Feed & Fodder Management, Manure Handling, Clean & Hygienic Milk Production Management & Quality Control in Dairy Farms.

Area required per Buffalo/ cow and total area for other facilities ?

Covered area per Buffalo is 80sqft/animal for cows 60sqft/animal. Utility area will depend on the size of the farm.

What is the cost estimate per each cow and recommended varieties ?

Although the cost varies from region to region in India it may range between 40k-60k per animal. The price of animal will depend on the breed, age, stage of location, body score & yield of animal. Training is available on techniques of judging & selection of proper animals for a profitable farming.

Agro ecology requirement for the farm ?

Dairy farming activity can be performed throughout India except in the extreme climate zones & difficult hill areas. Suitable breeds are recommended for different areas. Accordingly type of green fodder cultivation will depend on temperature rainfall & type of soil in your area.

What are the legal and health requirement to enter into the business ?

Anyone who is physically fit & has an open mind to learn & can be at least mentally attached to the Dairy Farming can enter into this Business.

Labor requirement ?

For a small farm of 10 animals family labour will be sufficient & for larger farms labour will be definitely required. However number of labourers can be reduced through automation.


Shed Layout and construction cost estimates ?

Available on training/project report.


Quantity and quality of feed required per cow ?

Available with project report.

Storage facility ?

You will require of wheat straw & concentrate storage space. Size of storage space will depend on size of the farm.

Milk processing machinery & equipment specification required for farm size attached with its ex- work price cost ?

You may require following equipments for your Dairy Farm although complete list will be supplied along with the detailed project report.

        a)   Milking Machines

        b)   Bulk milk cooler

        c)   Milk packaging machine

        d)   Milk cans

        e)   Grain grinder

        f)   Green fodder harvester

        g)  Green fodder cutter

Ten top milk processing plant suppliers list with their address ?

We will make the list available to you once we know your Dairy Farm   size. Indeed we are also a leading project suppliers for mini dairy plants from 500 LPD ( 50 cows) to 20000 lpd (2000 cows) 

What special skill that dairy farm requires of me ?

Open mind to learn, having normal health & ready to mentally &    physically involved with the Dairy Farming Activity.

Transport facility requirement ?

Will be required for the transportation of green fodder to the Dairy & will be required for the transportation of the milk to the market.