Setting Up a Dairy Farm

Jun 28 2019

Scope of activities to be undertaken in Dairy Farm Consultancy

We help you to design, decide, manage and execute your dairy project.

Our recommended route for offering our advisory services is as follows :

  • Attend our one day workshop on how to set up a dairy farm. If you like it then
  • Get a brief project profile for a dairy farm developed by us. If you like it then
  • Get the evaluation study done for your site by our experts . If you like it then
  • Get a detailed project report for bankable purpose developed by us. If you like it then
  • Sign an MOU with us for Turnkey project consultancy for your dream dairy farming project. 

We help you to design, decide, manage and execute your dairy project.

The scope of our consultancy services includes following activities:

  • Assessment of site suitability for dairy farming.
  • Complete prefeasibility study of climate, water availability, soil, road connectivity, electric power & drainage: animal rearing pattern in the area, fodder crop pattern, existing infrastructure for veterinary aid, market consumption & milk prices prevalent in the area & to draft a feasibility report.
  • To prepare a detailed project report for funding of the project from the bank.
  • To provide guidelines on the type of cattle/milch animals suitable for the area and to help in judging, selection sourcing of animals by providing necessary training and support.
  • Designing of dairy shed and utilities under Indian conditions & guide the client/contractor in creating the structure which aims at cost reduction, maintaining farm hygiene, facilitate animal movement, reduction of labor cost.
  • Help the client in sourcing of equipments of milk handling, manure handling, feed & fodder handling.
  • Design feed and fodder management program for the dairy farm, developing a schedule of green fodder cultivation,    processing and feeding system. Guide the client in silage making, develop a feeding schedule for the farm, formulate economic ration that aims at balancing between feeding cost reduction and fulfilling animal nutritional requirements, developing nutritional chart for different age group of animals.
  • Develop a breeding policy that aims at bringing herd improvement through tapping of genetic potential of high yielding animals. Exploring import of semen of high pedigree progeny tested bulls of HF & Jersey for farm/sale to other farms. Designing methods that aim at bringing reproductive efficiency and reducing infertility in animals.
  • Developing young stock rearing program that aims to get replacement stock in least possible time.
  • Developing a system for managing dry and pregnant animals to get maximum yield from them in subsequent loctation.
  • Develop a system of animal comfort to increase animal productivity.
  • Develop a system of animal Health care and preventive health measures.
  • To conduct man power training program that aims at efficient dairy farm management.
  • To develop a waste management system such as Bio Gas generation, compost making & vermin composting.
  • To develop a system of clean and hygienic milk production.
  • To develop farm quality assurance standards.
  • To develop milk marketing plans.
  • Networking a liasoning with government & financial institutions for funding, insurance & subsidy wherever applicable.
  • Conducting productivity audit and suggest remedial measures for improvement.