We convert a one time dream into life time reality. People engage Dairy Farm Consulting to conduct prefeasibility, designing and successful implementation of their dream dairy ventures. We Provide world class project management services not only in cost effective manner but   in a  shortest possible time also. 

Our recommended route for offering our services is as follows:

1.     Get a brief preliminary prefeasibility report made for your project on the basis of actual site conditions which you could share with your investors and financial institutions also : If you find it viable and in line with your expected returns on investment then 

2.     Get a detailed prefeasibility developed by us along with prefeasibility (optional) for Raw milk potential and market potential for bank finance from reputed banks and other  support wherever applicable ; If you get the finance mobilized for the project  then 

       3.     Appoint us as your Lead project advisor for a comprehensive global standard Project Complete drawing board                  services for civil lay outing and systems designing for dairy cattle farms ,process plants and utilities.

            a.  Selection and screening of suitable breed of dairy cattle by expert dairy veterinarians & breeding specialists.

            b.  Selection of vendors for plant and machineries, Utilities and finalizing agreements for integration of multi vendors               for smooth erection and commissioning

            c.  Supervision during erection and commissioning

            d.   Developing milk procurement strategy

            e.   Developing marketing strategy after visiting the your market

            f.  Advising on quality aspect and registrations/certifications under FSSAI

            g.  Developing complete administrative information system for all levels of processing and purchase of milk.

            h.  Providing recruitment services for dairy professional/operator for plant.

            i.  Hands on training by our team at the time of commercialization. on need based requisites

Any other service on request of customer would be charged separately

All expenses for travelling, lodging and boarding to the site or any other place while delivering services to the client would be charged as per actual.